Given the recent worldwide Covid-19 restricted human interaction efforts, we recognize that this is an opportune time for the Daikin Training Team to help you become more knowledgeable about our products.

You will find a list of webinar links below for several different courses. Some of the courses are a total of 8 hours broken up into four, 2-hour sessions. Therefore, each day will include one, 2-hour session. Students must complete all 4 sessions, for each course, to get credit for the course.

The VRV Commissioning course will be 16-hour class, done in 4, 4-hour blocks

The VRV Product and Tech, VRV Design and Application Part 1 and 2 are a 3-day class. It is recommended that the course be taken in the order above. This class will also repeat next week. It will be 3, 2-hour blocks.

The Indoor Air Quality class is a 1-hour course that will repeat each day. The attendee can take the class any day of that week or the next week. This is a general information class, NO Daikin Certificate for this course. Wit what is going on in the world, Air quality will be a hot topic.

Day 1, for each of the courses below, will begin on Tuesday, May 5th and repeat the following week. All times are CST. We plan to repeat these courses each week as needed, until we can continue our normal working conditions.

So, just to re-iterate, each person who wishes to obtain credit, for any of the 8-hour courses below, must attend all 4 sessions (Day 1 to Day 4) to get credit for the course. Once course is completed the training material in PDF format can be sent to the attendees, contact If a student misses more then 30 minutes during the 4-day training they will not get credit for the course and will need to attend the time frame that was missed. It is highly recommended that all course be attended fully. The shorter class (Less than 8 hours), will have a 15% missed limit when attending. If over that amount missed, course will need to be taken again if the student wants Daikin University credit for the class.

Example: If a person wants to take the “Ductless Installation and Commissioning” course, and the person wants credit for the course, that person must attend all four 2-hour sessions of the course. Each session will include different material each day, making it very important to attend all 4 sessions to complete the course and obtain credit.

Webinar Training Course Schedule

Fit Install & Commissioning – Chris Lee/Ricardo Berrios 8am-9:45am CST

VRV Installation – Russell Anspach/David Jauch 8am – 10am CST weekly

VRV Products – Rob Powell 9am- 11am CST


Life Install & Commissioning- Matt Stapp/John Pratt 10am – 12PM CST weekly


VRV IV Commissioning – Mark McQuay/David Sheffield 10am- 2:45pm CST

Residential Inverters Install and Commissioning – Ryan Elizondo/Ricci Wright 1PM – 3pm CST Tue & Weds/Weekly


Daikin Gas Furnaces – Ryan Elizondo/Ricci Wright 1PM – 3pm CST Thursdays/Weekly


Daikin One+ Install and Commissioning – Ryan Elizondo/Ricci Wright 1PM – 3pm CST Fridays/Weekly


Indoor Air Quality: Latest Guidance and New Product – Mark Jackson 1:30pm- 2:30pm CST


Ductless Install & Commissioning – Rod Jasmin/Raymond Rangel 3pm – 5pm CST weekly


VRV IV-S with FXTQ IDU – Fadi Al Nemry/Michael Paige 3pm- 5pm CST

If you would like to receive credit for attending the online class, please log into your Daikin City account or create an account at Please see the instructions to create an account. Any questions please feel free to contact Dena at

For After-Hours Emergencies, call 877-825-6686.