Modular Mechanical Service

Specialized HVAC Solutions

Since 1974, HVAC contractors, engineers, installers, and service technicians have trusted Modular Mechanical Service to provide specialized solutions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial use. 

We support all HVAC systems sold by Modular Comfort Systems and more.

Modular Mechanical Services Van

Our focus is customer service and we strive to be there with you every step of the way, from pre-installation and throughout your system’s life cycle. We provide our customers with dedicated training, support, and installation supervision on even the most complex HVAC products.

Unprecedented Start-Up and Warranty Work

We inspect the installation to ensure quality and verify that all processes are operating efficiently. We will test all systems’ ducting, wiring, and conduit runs during the inspection process.

If your customer experiences any problems with their HVAC product, we are available and certified by our equipment manufacturers to provide ongoing service. We are experts with more than 40 years of experience and have specialized training to repair and maintain the products of ALL the manufacturers we represent. With our deep product knowledge and strong relationships with manufacturers, we can provide a higher and unmatched level of service to you and your customers to help you protect your HVAC investment.

It’s time to trust the industry experts! Want to learn more about our specialized services? Contact us today!

Need Emergency Services?

Modular Comfort Systems maintains an emergency support hotline to better serve our customers’ needs. We have technicians available in Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester after hours to assist you with all emergency repair needs. Contact us on our emergency repair line at: 877-825-6686.


For After-Hours Emergencies, call 877-825-6686.

For After-Hours Emergencies, call 877-825-6686.