Product Highlight: Hurst Series 250W High Pressure Boiler

A boiler we’ve had a lot of success with is the Hurst Series 250W High Pressure Boiler with wet back design.  This refers to a water wall placed above the fire tube, which promotes superior internal water circulation and rapid heat absorption.  This 2-pass design...

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Product Highlight: Daikin VRV T-Series

Several of the units selected in the SUNY Poly project were in the Daikin VRV T-Series. It is a modular water-cooled air conditioning and heating system that distributes refrigerant from the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, making it highly efficient and...

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Product Highlight: Haakon Custom Air Handlers

You may notice that there’s no model name or title given for this product highlight.  This is because Haakon doesn’t have any standard model names or titles; everything they build is customized to the individual project.  It takes more time, care, and coordination...

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Product Highlight: Motivair Industrial Process Chillers

All industrial processes are unique, and we understand that your equipment needs to be specifically designed and calibrated to your needs. Motivair is a manufacturer that has been great to work with, asl they provide a wide variety of industrial process chillers with...

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HVAC Ultra Violet Solutions – Tailored to Your Needs

RAYS OF HOPE... HOW VERY TRUE! The use of Ultra Violet disinfection dates back to the early 1900s but has never been more important than it is today. Modular Comfort Systems, along with our manufacturing partners, have joined together to offer multiple UV...

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New Line of Heat Recovery & Custom Chiller Products

At Modular Comfort Systems, we are committed to making the best brands in HVAC available to our customers. We are proud to announce the addition of Jetson Heat Recovery and Custom Chiller Products to our arsenal of product offerings. We carry this brand...

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