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Team / Directory


Engineering Sales Team

Chris Miller

Central NY Plan & Spec Sales, Partner
Ext. 1213
Cell: 315-952-1242

Drew Reagan

Rochester Plan & Spec Sales, Partner
Ext. 1503
Cell: 585-733-3646

Sal Gorino

Buffalo Plan & Spec Sales, Partner
Ext. 1407
Cell: 585-451-1420

Gary Archer

Plan & Spec Sales, Boilers
Ext. 1211
Cell: 315-559-3530

Dan Brosnan

Southern Tier Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1225
Cell: 315-952-5056

Pat Briggs

Rochester Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1515
Cell: 315-708-5493

Peter Bukowski

Buffalo Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1412
Cell: 716-359-1863

Nick Gorino

Buffalo Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1508
Cell: 585-329-1601

Patrick Hart

Utica Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1226
Cell: 315-415-7684

Adam Keller

Syracuse Inside Sales
Ext. 1253
Cell: 315-200-0138

Matt Kremers

Rochester Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1502
Cell: 585-703-1325

Ken Light

Northern Tier Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1244
Cell: 315-399-3035

Phil Randall

Roch/Buff Plan & Spec Sales
Ext. 1516
Cell: 585-441-2794

Aftermarket Sales Team

Brian Slink

Syracuse Aftermarket Group Manager/Sales
Ext. 1227
Cell: 315-952-1254

William DeVos

Rochester Inside Parts Sales
Ext. 1510
Cell: 585-330-3440

Dave Dobranski

Manager Light Commercial/Residential Sales
Ext. 1514
Cell: 585-405-3822

Steve Dupra

Rochester Aftermarket Equipment Sales
Ext. 1509
Cell: 585-330-3440

Chris Jewell

Outside Parts Sales
Ext. 1300
Cell: 315-430-5431

Matt Mason

Syr/Albany Inside Parts Sales
Ext. 1255
Cell: 315-412-6163

Jeff Murphy

Syracuse Inside Parts Sales
Ext. 1233
Cell: 315-532-4786

John Richmond

Buffalo Inside Parts Sales
Ext. 1513
Cell: 716-225-7900

Chris Robillard

Syracuse Inside Parts Sales
Ext. 1234
Cell: 315-708-5014

Aaron Kiel

Buffalo Manager – Commercial Solutions Group
Ext. 1414

Sales Support Team

Danielle Ezman

Syracuse Sales Support
Ext. 1252

Karin Kaiser

Rochester Sales Support
Ext. 1251

Melissa Schmitt

Aftermarket Sales Support
Ext. 1219
Cell: 315-313-3531

Sandra Nichols

Syracuse Sales Support
Ext. 1214
Cell: 315-345-9637

Business Management Team

Steve Miller

Payroll, Accts Payable, Partner
Ext. 1212

Krista Kenna

Billing, Office Support
Ext. 1201

Marilyn Ligoci

Syr Office Manager, AR, HR
Ext. 1223

Dena Marou

Rochester Office Manager
Ext. 1511

Eric Miller

Finance, Accounting, IT
Ext. 1250

Sandra Shoff

Billing Specialist
Ext. 1231

Coby Whiteduck

Ext. 1200