About Us

Modular Comfort Systems, Inc is a leading Sales Engineering firm serving the unique commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC needs of Upstate New York. The company was founded in 1969 on the principle that customer service and support are paramount in the HVAC industry. In a time where most of the Upstate reps were based in (and more focused on) New York City and Long Island, local building owners were being sold cookie-cutter Manhattan solutions and then forgotten. We quickly made a name for ourselves by offering higher-ROI decentralized (or “modular”) equipment and seeing our customers’ projects all the way through installation and beyond. Since then, our Sales Engineers have worked diligently to expand our product offerings and sharpen our industry knowledge, so we can develop the perfect HVAC solution for any project. We have also added Modular Mechanical Service; our branch of service technicians with product-specific knowledge that help with start-ups and maintenance. Additionally, we have added a dedicated Aftermarket group focused on providing the correct replacement parts and equipment and supporting factory warranty processes. These three branches form an unbeatable package of professionals seeking to ensure your HVAC needs are met time and time again.

For After-Hours Emergencies, call 877-825-6686.