The Daikin SmartSource® DOAS water source heat pump improves indoor air quality by drawing 100% outside air into the building’s HVAC system.  The main concern with using 100% outside air in New York State is the wide range of outdoor temperatures that we register throughout a given year.  Daikin has engineered a solution to this problem by utilizing a hot gas reheat coil to operate alongside the unit’s primary DX coil.  This allows the outside air to enter at temperatures as low as 0⁰F without the use of pre-heat, while still acquiring impressive heating efficiencies (as high as 5.1 ISCOP per AHRI 920-2020).  All-in, these units will improve a building’s air quality while still offering impressive efficiency at an attractive price point.

Other features include:

  • Microtech® controls which can automatically select between heating, cooling, and dehumidification modes while dynamically controlling compressor staging, modulating hot gas reheat, and managing the expansion valve to ensure discharge air temperature is accurate to within 1⁰
  • Shaftless blowers can be programmed for either constant or variable airflow control, ranging from 70% to 200% of nominal airflow while attaining external static pressures over 2.0⁰
  • Multi-state tandem compressors to provide just the right amount of capacity, from 100% down to 30% to reach the desired supply air temperature and humidity level.

Ideal applications for this product include office buildings and educational facilities and can be easily integrated with other Daikin equipment (especially VRV systems).  For more information on this product, please contact us or call us (315-484-9048) today!


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