Intelligent Equipment is an excellent add-on that gives building owners deeper insights into the performance of their Daikin rooftop units or Daikin air-cooled chillers.This product connects directly to your units and can provide hundreds of data points of real-time performance data to any connected device, 24/7. The data is visible in an intuitive and easy-to-read (and customizable) dashboard that takes little to no technical knowledge to understand. Intelligent Equipment automatically registers unit energy consumption, validates occupant comfort, and sends notifications and alarms for maintenance. Data can also be benchmarked and tracked over time to show trends.

Though compatible with building automation systems (BAS), Intelligent Equipment goes deeper than building-level data to the equipment level. It will specify diagnostics down to the specific unit instead of merely alerting to a generalized problem as with BAS. Energy usage can also be tied to a specific unit, which BAS is incapable of without extra programming. Finally, Intelligent Equipment knows each Daikin unit’s exact maintenance requirements and makes timely recommendations based on actual usage instead of a pre-determined number of days or months as with BAS.

Service Technicians also love Intelligent Equipment, as it gives them instant insight into the performance and diagnostics of each rooftop or air-cooled chiller to help them manage and diagnose the equipment quickly – and even remotely. Given remote access to your units, they can adjust setpoints to address customer needs and resolve operation questions as well as see equipment maintenance notifications and see a history of all service performed on the unit. This helps to ensure peak performance and reduces the time spent on each unit, saving the owner on maintenance costs!

Other features include unlimited data (i.e. no limit on what information to track or for how long), easy user interface (including an on-boarding wizard), and low cost (no integration costs on-site, all it takes is an annual subscription fee). Intelligent equipment comes with all new units but can also easily be retro-fit and easily installed on older units.

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