One of the closed circuit cooling towers selected for the project at 3 City Center was the BAC VF1, which is an ideal fit for indoor applications.  This model is equipped to handle static pressure and offers a small footprint version to accommodate space and rigging restrictions.  Installation costs are generally low with this model and it offers year-round reliability and a long service life, making this an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Other benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency
    • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency requirements
    • Minimized process fouling through closed loop cooling
    • Premium efficient/inverter duty fan motors
  • Reliable year-round operation
    • Can operate dry
    • Can handle low ambient temperature conditions
    • Motors, drives, and bearings are protected from moisture, condensation, and icing
  • Low installed cost
    • Mount directly on two parallel I-beams
    • Modular design reduces assembly time
    • Motors and drives are factory installed and aligned
  • Durable construction
    • Panels made with rugged G-235 mill galvanized steel
    • PVC drift eliminators are impervious to rot, decay, and biological attack
    • Forced draft design protects moving parts

Some available options available:

  • Sound reduction
    • Centrifugal fans have inherently low sound characteristics
    • Sound attenuation options available for both air intake and discharge
  • Materials
    • G-235 galvanized steel is the standard option
    • Thermosetting hybrid polymer can be added to the steel to extend the equipment life
    • Stainless steel is available for especially corrosive conditions
  • Coil configurations
    • Standard serpentine coil
    • Cleanable header coil provides removable cover plates to permit access for solvent or air-pressure cleaning
    • Stainless steel coils available for specialized applications
    • Multiple circuit coil configurations available to allow separate process fluid loops through the same unit

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