Oxygen8, a new and innovative HVAC equipment design and manufacturing company, launched a line of fully electric Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) to meet the needs of modern building design and to address current human health and climate change challenges.

Clean tech entrepreneur, James Dean (Founder of dPoint/CORE), and HVAC engineer, Matthew Doherty (formerly with Swegon), have teamed up to create intelligent, future-facing HVAC solutions to improve health, comfort, and energy efficiency for offices, senior care facilities, classrooms, and other commercial buildings across North America.

Oxygen8 systems use membrane based energy recovery technology and integrate Daikin’s VRV heating and cooling systems to provide 100% fresh, filtered air to indoor environments at ideal temperature and humidity levels. The low profile design beautifully integrates into compact spaces and allows for ceiling, wall or floor mounted installation, providing 400-3500cfm of outside air directly indoors, preventing recirculation of air and cross-contamination of airborne viruses and bacteria.

“Our cities and workplaces are changing and it’s time that HVAC solutions followed suit.” explains Oxygen8 CEO James Dean. “Throughout North America, cities are moving toward net-zero energy and low carbon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The current COVID-19 crisis has identified a need to implement better ways to ventilate buildings and keep people healthy, safe and comfortable. Building owners and developers are looking to maximize their usable space and eliminate bulky rooftop HVAC equipment and ductwork. It was these challenges that inspired us to develop the next generation of ventilation products.”

Low energy fans, fixed plate enthalpy exchangers and high-MERV filters deliver 100% fresh, outdoor air to designated building zones, eliminating crossover and recirculation of contaminants while keeping relative humidity at healthy levels.

Compact (16”, 20”, 24” or 30” deep), decentralized design allows for seamless ceiling or wall installation, ensuring maximum usable floor or roof space, while ECM fans and double wall construction make for a quiet operation.

100% electric HVAC system with energy recovery makes for a more energy efficient system and small carbon footprint.

Technology connects HVAC systems to smart devices for easy monitoring and maintenance, with real-time filter alerts, demand controlled ventilation, and remote diagnosis.

Connectivity with world leading HVAC equipment from Daikin allows cutting edge, fully integrated ERV and VRV systems that control temperature and humidity levels for unparalleled comfort and health.

Pre-installed coils, electronic expansion valves, and controls, plus easy-to-access filters and an ERV core with no moving parts ensures systems are easy to install and maintain.

Oxygen8 Solutions Inc. is an HVAC company producing innovative technology that improves the IAQ of
buildings throughout North America. The firm’s engineering and manufacturing operations are based in
Toronto, with sales and marketing based in Vancouver. Sales partners can be found at
www.oxygen8.ca/sales-partners and product selections can be done at http://selection.oxygen8.ca/Login.

For After-Hours Emergencies, call 877-825-6686.