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In commercial settings, chillers are large units that generate chilled water to provide air conditioning in buildings.  The units send chilled water throughout the building via a pump, which collects warm air that is then dispersed into the atmosphere.  These units can be either “air-cooled” (i.e. disperse unwanted heat into the atmosphere via fans) or “water-cooled” (i.e. disperse unwanted heat via a cooling tower).

In industrial settings, chillers can be used for the controlled cooling of products, manufacturing processes, and factory machinery.  Applications are far-reaching and include (but are not limited to) chemical, plastics, paper, cement, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing as well as is power generating stations, MRI machines, and vacuum systems.

Our engineers will help you select the perfect chiller given your particular performance, space, environmental, and budgetary needs.


Centrifugal Single Compressor
200 to 1,500 tons

Magnitude® Magnetic Bearing Water-cooled
75 to 1500 tons

Navigator® Water-cooled Screw Chiller
120-300 tons

Templifier® Centrifugal
3000 to 18,000 MBh

Templifier® Scroll
500 to 3,000 MBh

Water-cooled Scroll
30 to 200 tons

Centrifugal Dual Compressor
400 to 2,700 tons


Pathfinder® Air-cooled Screw Chiller
165-550 tons

Trailblazer® Air-cooled Scroll Chiller
10-240 tons