Washington Station

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Mechanical Engineer:
Argus Engineering

Washington Station is the first major commercial office building to be built in downtown Syracuse in over 20 years. Today, developers face challenges of high taxes, high utility costs, and increased building regulations – making it all but impossible to make an acceptable return on investment. Therefore, minimum owning and operating cost is an absolute must. Pioneer and Modular Comfort Systems developed the basic ‘Green’ technology over 40 years ago (see One Park Place Case History). Starting with a McQuay Water Source Decentralized Heat Pump System (still the lowest energy consumption of all HVAC systems) Pioneer has added high efficiency boilers manufactured by Fulton Boiler Works of Pulaski NY, natural lighting (for enhanced human health and minimum impact on the environment) and literally topped off by a green roof (the roof is planted with a variety of mediums that have great water retention which produces evaporative cooling). Much additional green technology has been incorporated – too involved to outline here. The established goal is $1.25 per square foot per year for total heat light and power – less than half the energy cost of all conventional buildings in Syracuse.

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