Akron CSD

Akron, NY

The original 115 Daikin water source heat pumps installed at Akron Middle School in Akron NY had performed admirably since their install date in 1995.  But after 25 years of service and new demand for the more energy efficient models that have been developed over the years, the school district decided it was time for a large-scale replacement and HVAC upgrade.  Naturally, this is an excellent project for us as Daikin reps as we are the best equipped to do like-for-like replacements and have the tools and experience to support a project of this scale.

The main challenge with this project was time – most school projects follow a tight summer construction schedule.  Therefore, our strategy was to match the existing footprints, electrical loads, coil connections, and unit dimensions as closely as possible to minimize the time needed to install each one.  The result was a selection of 92 Daikin Console Enfinity Heat Pumps, 13 Daikin Horizontal Enfinity Heat Pumps, and 10 Daikin Unit Ventilator Water Source Heat Pumps, custom engineered to fit the existing conditions.

We were proud to be able to manage such a large-scale project through just one manufacturer, which made things easy on our customer.

-Pete Bukowski, Sales Engineer

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