All industrial processes are unique, and we understand that your equipment needs to be specifically designed and calibrated to your needs. Motivair is a manufacturer that has been great to work with, asl they provide a wide variety of industrial process chillers with customizable options.

They do both air-cooled and water-cooled models. Both have process water/glycol temperatures available from -5F to 65F. The air-cooled models can have refrigeration systems designed utilizing centrifugal, screw, or scroll compressors and have available options that include integrated free-cooling systems, heat recovery systems pump packages, storage tanks, low and/or high ambient kits, and costal corrosion resistant designs. Water-cooled models are available from 5 to 500 tons and have both shell & tube and brazed plate evaporators and condensers. Most of these are installed indoors, but can be rated for outdoors as well with proper engineering.

Other key features include:

• Compact footprint
• High efficiency
• Various refrigerant options (including environmentally-friendly 410A)
• PLC & microprocessor control
• Low noise options

Applications include (but are not limited to): manufacturing (including pharmaceuticals, plastics, and printing processes), food processing, data centers, automotive, healthcare (including surgical suites, MRI machines, and CT scan machines), telecom, and life science.
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