You may notice that there’s no model name or title given for this product highlight.  This is because Haakon doesn’t have any standard model names or titles; everything they build is customized to the individual project.  It takes more time, care, and coordination with the factory from our Sales Engineers, but the results are worth it when this application makes sense.

So what can generally be said about these products since each one turns out differently?  Three things in particular stand out: low life cycle cost, industry leading quality, and expert engineering.  Each air handler is highly efficient, well-built, and long-lasting, making them an excellent capital investment in your building.  Materials used are of the highest quality and each unit is built in one of three factories in North America.  All designs and mock-ups are completed by engineers to ensure quality and that the unit will meet all specs.  An additional benefit is their flexibility in the design process – they have proprietary software that can mock-up designs, plans, and drawings in seconds.  This allows for a give-and-take discussion that can show the impacts of design decisions in real time.

Haakon units can be built for both indoor and outdoor applications, meet virtually any CFM, ventilation, noise, and/or air quality requirements, and has worked well for us in office buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, and industrial settings.  Some things in particular that we took advantage of in the Edison Tech project mentioned above:


  • High density insulation for maximum sound absorption
  • MERV 8 and MERV 13 filtration
  • Space for a chilled water coil (to be installed in the future)
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Windows and test ports for easy monitoring
  • Internal spring isolation
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motors
  • Painted galvanized steel exterior casing
  • Internal liner & washdown liner
  • Marine lights
  • Factory testing (inc. base flood test)

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