Several of the units selected in the SUNY Poly project were in the Daikin VRV T-Series. It is a modular water-cooled air conditioning and heating system that distributes refrigerant from the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, making it highly efficient and controllable on a zone-by-zone level.

The system is comprised of unified condensing units that require simply connecting a 2-pipe (heat pump applications) or 3-pipe (heat recovery applications) refrigerant network. The connected indoor units can provide heating and cooling independently to suit zone requirements throughout a building, making it suitable for both open plan or cellular applications.

Main benefits of this system include:
  • Compact design, making for easier transportation and installation and reducing labor cost when compared to traditional water-based equipment.
  • Typically require less base refrigerant charge than that of air-cooled systems, thus can be used in applications with limited allowable refrigerant within the building.
  • Condensing units can be linked to existing water piping and utilize the existing heat source to reduce initial costs.
  • No external operation sound produced by condensing units to disturb building tenants (since water-cooled VRV systems are installed indoors only).
  • Can use lakes, rivers, and ground loops, using the Earth as a natural heat sink/heat source which eliminates the need for extra equipment.
  • Water-cooled operation is not affected by outside air temperatures.
  • Engineered with heat rejection cancellation technology to minimize heat addition to mechanical rooms.
  • Variable water flow control
  • Extended water temperature operation range: temperatures can be as low as 23 degrees in cooling and 14 degrees in heating.
Applications include but aren’t limited to office buildings, hotels, high-rise buildings, dormitories, multi-family complexes, shopping malls, and large commercial applications.  For more information on this and other similar products, please contact us today!

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