Modular Cooling Towers

What Are Cooling Towers & How Do They Work

Cooling towers are devices that provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for heat rejection in certain types of HVAC and industrial process applications.
Hot water from the process/system enters the unit and is distributed over the heat transfer surface (fill or coil). This occurs while air is simultaneously induced or forced through the unit in either a crossflow or counterflow direction, causing a small portion of the water to evaporate. This evaporation removes heat from the water, which is collected in the cold water basin and returned to the system to absorb more heat.


Cooling towers have many applications in commercial and industrial process operations. They can also be utilized in comfort cooling on hvac applications for cooling needs within hotels, dorms, multifamily residential buildings, schools, etc.

Cooling Towers at Modular Comfort

At Modular Comfort, we specifically supply mechanical draft units. We provide servicing for all of our units after purchase to ensure quality and efficiency remain at the forefront of our customer experience. We are supplied by Baltimore Aircoil Company manufacturing, a high-quality business we are proud to partner with.

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